July 19, 2018

Once there were two enemies named Kalu and Balu living as neighbors. Their only aim in life was how to defeat each other in all respects. so they build very big wall in between their homes just because they should not see each other’s face.

one day Kalu came to know that tomorrow morning Balu is going to pilgrimage to earn pious credits. Kalu’s wife said we will go before them. But because of project urgency, Balu could not get permission from his boss. whole night Balu’s family was awake as what to do? And then they got an idea.

Next morning when Kalu got out of the house with bags packed he saw Balu sitting in front of his house smiling, with his nose cut heavily bleeding. Kalu got morose and said “oh its an ill omen to see a person with nose cut, before going to journey” and returns back to home. Balu becomes happy that his mission becomes a success.

But in this process, he hurt himself more than hurting Kalu.

Whenever we envy others, it is we who suffer more than others.

Below is the picture which portrays Lord Krishna killing this critical mentality (envy) personified Shishupal.

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