August 6, 2016

Few improper words can destroy the relationships. we should choose our words very diligently, because once we have spoken something, it can never be taken back. The impact it makes is permanent.

Think for a while, how do we become careless about our words?

It’s a familiarity that breeds contempt. The moment we start taking person for granted, we disrespect that person first by unkind words. It is well known fact that a person may forget thousands of dollars loan given to you but will never forget rough words spoken to him. So it is a caution always given while dealing with superiors that “keep safe distance so that we get benefit of their association and at the same time we don’t get burnt by offending them and ultimately spoil the relations”

barhaspatya sa nasty atra / sadhur vai durjaneritaih
duraktair bhinnam atmanam / yah samadhatum isvarah

Lord Shri Krishna says in Shrimad Bhagavatam: O disciple of Brhaspati, Uddhava, there is virtually no saintly man in this world capable of resettling his own mind after it has been disturbed by the insulting words of uncivilized men.

Generally in extreme emotions in overconfidence we take dangerous steps by overestimating our potential. So we should never curse anyone when we are angry and when we are very happy , we should never promise anyone something extravaganza. It is most likely that in both cases we may later regret.

Respecting every soul as a part of Lord we can avoid disrespecting anyone and will gain love from all.

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